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Backed Tokens

Tokens earned in game can be claimed for an ERC20 equivlant (depending on purchase method)

Paid Active Staff

Our staff is treated with respect and compensated fairly for all of the hard work they put in.


All of our servers are connected by a publicly exposed API so anyone can build tools on top of our network.

Community Driven

See something you'd like added to our network? Don't like how something is handled? Let's talk!

Purchase Tokens support our staff & servers
All funds go back into our servers and staff

Leaderboard ( Top 25 )

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Connect & Explore.

Below is a list of all servers on our network, come join the


players and counting on our network!

Player Portal (Coming Soon)
Manage your balances, friends, servers and more


All tokens earned in game can be claimed for an ERC20 equivlant (depending on purchase method).

Link Accounts

Link your accounts in the portal to claim playtime as tokens across our entire network of servers.

Add Friends

Partner up with friends to give them the ability to join your game, team up and more.

Purchase Packs

Want to spend some of your tokens? You can purchase packs for the respective game from within the portal using tokens!

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